wacky wordies

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Wacky Wordies

Wacky wordies is an interesting word game.

All you have to do is figure out what the message is. But you have to think a little. Some are easy and some are not. You have to ask yourself questions like: Do the letters match up to a known word? Or perhaps it has double meaning? Why are the letters or symbols arranged as they are? Wackie wordies can be tricky because all the letters of the message are not always there. On some puzzles there are numbers. I've even seen lines and arrows. Wierd but the letters are sometimes different sizes or not orderly.

Another wierd thing is that the letters or words can be spaced in different locations. They may repeat. Sometimes words are altered or missing. For example some are cut in half, or a letter is imperfect for whatever reason. Of course all these features are hints. And valueable ones at that, so use them to your advantage.

To find the correct solution, you have to open up your mind. Stop thinking conventions, take a deep breath and open up. You have to start with a clean sheet so to speak. Often the answer comes more easily if you use a worksheet. Even kids like to use them. You can draw out your thoughts, or put down notes and ideas. Just like mad scientists who scribble endlessly on their black boards.

The more persistent you are, the quicker you will solve them. I don't mean you go without meals or stay up 24 hours. In fact it's healthy to take breaks or try other games. When the brain switches gears, it can solve things easier when it returns to the original problem. Trust me this is true.

Here's what I do. I like to examine the puzzle from every angle. If you've played wackie wordies for a while, you know that you can't be too simplistic, even though it often looks that way. Just like those picture games you see in magazines. The editors hide all kind of objects in them. Once you find all of them, you are done. In the case of wacky wordies, you must not only find the hidden meanings and but put them together.

Wacky wordies and beyond

Now one thing you can count on. Whether you are good at words and have a large vocabulary or not, you can count on improving yourself using this games. It forces you to think of many different phrases and will definitely give your brain a workout. But I believe when it comes to games, readers should not be timid. I recommend you try other fun games, puzzles, and so on because your brain will grow. You will be delighted when you discover you have better memory and improved communication skills. It can also help you figure out other things too.

I really like to think of wackie wordies and all other mind exercises as a way to improve myself. So don't feel guilty about playing them. They are a kind of investment in yourself. Let's face it, when you've got your head together, everything seems to function better. You can improve your health, your daily functions, and how you interact with people. So explore and play different games.

No doubt wacky wordies is fun. Especially when you discover the answer on your own. It's like fixing a small repair or doing the dishes. You feel like you've accomplished something, and you have. But please try out other fun brain exercises too. A lot involve letters, words, pictures, and so on. When you play other game varieties, it can be a lifetime activity. Although it may sound nerdy, puzzles can become a great hobby. Those hobbies can lead to other wonderful things in life.

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