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Wacky Wordies: Puzzles, Solutions, and Worksheets.

Good news for readers. Players can truly benefit from playing games such as wacky wordies and many others. It can bring new surprises to your life and happy returns. Let me explain how.

I used to play a few puzzles here and there. Over time I have become an avid game enthusiast. I love to find solutions to paper and online games. Sometimes I make my own worksheets to help find answers. Like a kid's cheat sheet. I play free ones but don’t mind spending a little money to expand my brain.

Wacky wordies is great. They are simple and challenging puzzles. They are lots of fun and great for giving your brain a workout. But I want readers to understand that I don’t limit myself. And you should not either. I’ve found there are many types of games readers really freak out on after discovered. I also get into gadgets and toy puzzles.

Some people are into people. I want the final chapter of my life to read: “I never met a game or puzzle I didn’t like”.

Online Games. Readers profile: Kids and Adults.

Hold on a second. You’d think games like these, whether online or printable ones that people play are for kids. The fact is there are tons of adults who are “avid players” (or shall we say addicts) who get into these things whether they are free or not. It seems that wacky wordies appeals to both audiences.

I know this one guy who is around 50. He is very intelligent and has two jobs. He also likes to play all kinds of games including various types that you play on the computer. The guy is on facebook, twitter, etc. and has a funky handle. He’s cool. But how can he play so much without going broke?

HE SAVES A LOT using a game repeater. The one he likes is always loaded with the latest versions.

My point is that wacky wordies and many other puzzles could very well be more popular with adults than kids. So why am I telling you this?

Free Answers, Book Editors, and Baseball Magazines.

Did you know that word puzzles (including wackie wordies) have the following in common? You see large book publishers and their editors of trivia, word games, and others are like popular magazines (esp. baseball, football, etc.). This includes online games. The truth is, readers often start of as kids. But their hobby reaches far into adulthood and even retirement.

One thing’s for sure. There seems to be a lot of people seeking answers to wacky wordies and games in general. I feel free to say there are more unanswered questions than answers. It’s like Yahoo Answers, have you ever been on that thing? Since last Christmas there seems to be more people asking than answering. Normally you get points for participating in the thing, but now they subtract points for asking a question!

It’s cool to revisit wackie wordies or games, but your brain will really love you if you try new ones too. You’d be surprised what it may bring …

Final Chapter: Wacky Wordies revisited to Many Happy Returns.

I used to return to wacky wordies over and over. Then I got interested in different word puzzles and games. I made my own worksheets, recorded answers, and got very good at finding solutions. When it comes to games readers need to know that playing many different ones has payoffs. Kids multitask … same thing, when they return they free up what they revisited.

It's truly amazing. I once saw a kid with a printable quiz from a baseball magazine. He was reading a book while solving the quiz at the same time! I had to step back and realized: “the more I use my brain, the smarter I get”. In addition to wackie wordies, trying different games and puzzles have really helped me a lot in everyday thinking and problem solving.

NOW GET THIS. Later I found out you get valuable prizes just for playing all kinds of games online. Insane! I could have fun, get all the benefits of exercising my brain, and get great prizes and gifts at the same time.

DID YOU KNOW you can also get paid for “tilting” games? That means playing them! Can you think of anything more fun?

So you see, the final chapter lesson of all this is great brain health AND it can bring many unexpected happy returns in your life. Happy game playing people!


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Enjoy the practice word games.

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